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Leopard Suits Mens fashion is an ever changing one. What might be considered tacky today might be the hot trend in about 10 years. In recent times the mens fashion industry have turned to be understanding with more and more people trying out new styles that have been avoided for a long time. One such style which is trending now is the leopard suits. There is a common misconception that the animal printed clothes are exclusive for women but the rules are been broken now. Thus it is officially time to get to know about this leopard suits trend and better yet try it out yourself.

The hip hop artists are enamored by the style and so is the younger generation. It is one of the most prominent styles of 2020. It has been on the charts ever since Robbie Williams took the World cup by storm in his red and black leopard suit in 2016. The British entertainer took the stage with the leopard suit paired with a mens suit and thick chain necklace. Williams' bold look was greatly acknowledged and soon a similar style covered in sequins took the Tom ford runway in fall 2018. Since then the style has been in style among the boldest fashionistas of our days. If you are thinking of trying out the style then there are some tips that would help you in the process. The key to pulling off the leopard suits look is rightly styling it. Leopard suits are a comparatively modern style when compared with floral prints and camouflage.

Let us be clear on the aspect that leopard suits are strictly a casual style and you can never wear them for your office or any event that has a formal tag to it. Thus make sure that the leopard suits you wear will be appropriate for the event that you are attending.

There are a lot of styles in leopard suits and you should find the one that best suits you. For example single breasted leopard suits are the ones most recommended because they are the most versatile. Double breasted style is mostly for formal garments and leopards suits being on the casual side it might be a little weird to go with double breasted leopard suits. The lapels on the mens suits also should be noted carefully. Since it is a casual style it is best to go with notch lapel leopard suits. If you want a dressy style that you can wear to parties and special events it is best to go with shawl lapel leopard suits. It is always best to stick with 2 button leopard suits or 1 button leopard suits. Men who are very tall can go with 3 button leopard suits and more. These details might look insignificant but they are the ones that make up the overall look of the suit and hence it is important to select them with care.

Leopard Suits Leopard Suits Leopard Suits Leopard Suits

As for styling tips here are some ideas on rocking the leopard suits style. The major advantage with the leopard suits is that you can easily use them as separates. The leopard suits jacket is the most versatile piece among it and if you know to style it right then you can make the best use of it. Leopard print is a statement look and these looks are best restricted to the top portion of the body.

Mens-Buttons-Closure-Suit If you are new to the leopard print then keep it minimal with leopard suit jacket or shoes and other accessories. Leopard trousers are for the advanced level since it might be a little hard to pull off. Instead you can start out with leopard shorts. While styling the herringbone suits you have enough statement pieces and therefore it is best to keep the other garments simple. Go with plain colored shirt and plain trousers. Too much patterns clash with each other ruining the overall look in the process.

The size of the spots on the leopard suits matter. The recent trend is leaning towards big statement patterns but if you want a subtle pick go with smaller spots. The color of the leopard suits is one of the most important detail since it will the first thing the catches the eye of the viewer. Leopard print is chaotic and thus it is better to go solo. Go with dark tones like black leopard suits and dark brown leopard suits. The darker tones are the best if you go with bigger prints. Dark blue leopard suits and dark grey leopard suits might be good choices for a subtle yet stylish look. If you are thinking of going with traditional small spots then go with lighter colored ones like bronze leopard suits and gold leopard suits. Bright ones like wool suits and green leopard suits are best suited for fun events.

wool suits The leopard suits will be sure to garner a lot of attention towards you and thus the styling should be perfect. Go with slimmer styles that will accentuate your body shape. Slim fit leopard suits are the ones most recommended especially for short people since when styled right it can make you look taller and slimmer. For a roomier fit you can try out the classic fit leopard suits. Skinny fit leopard suits are tighter than the former styles and can are best for tall and lean men.

The controversy surrounding men wearing leopard prints is not a new one and only the improvised version of can men wear pink? The gender restrictions on clothing is more of a habit that a tradition and is slowly disappearing now. The proof of it is the increasing number of men sporting the pink garments. Same goes for herringbone suits. If you genuinely dislike the look of it then it is a valid reason but people who discriminate solely based on the beliefs are a whole different story. You can be one among the crowd who criticise the style or on the other side accepting the changes of time.