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Men's Suits

Charcoal Gray/Black -3 Button Super 150's Wool & Cashmere Suit $199

3-Button Mens Suit Dark Charcoal premier quality italian fabric Suit Super 150 Wool $199
SKU#LGR1321 Light Weight 2 Btn Tapered Cut Half Lined Flat Front Linen Suit Vented Light Gray $199
SKU#771 High Quality Light Gray 2 Button Vested 100% Wool Feel Poly Rayon Mens three piece suit Notch lapel $179
Men's Sport Coat,Big & Tall In Tropical Light Wool Tan ~ Beige $350

Stone~Sand~Khaki~Light Tan ~ Beige Light Weight Suit 3 Buttons $149
SKU# HK62 Tan ~ Beige Super 120's Wool Suit $165

Highest Quality Navy Blue Double Breasted Blazer With Best Cut & Fabric $199

Suits for Black MenGetting dress suits for black men isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Men have to choose their suit style depending on their skin tone as the color shade gives best complement to their personality. If you are a traditional type of person, you can go for color shades that have stood the test of time in classic cuts. On the other hand, if you are interested in trying out something different, then decide on wider range of colors in a variety of styles. In fact, there are mens suits that look much better on black men than on anyone else.

Men with dark skin tones can wear almost anything and look great. It’s likely for Black men to try different suit colors, whereas no one else can. Furthermore, they can wear all the neutrals which everyone else can wear. Colors to try out would include: Navy blue, Olive green, Tan, Beige, Light gray, Charcoal and Black suits. It’s possible to have more than one in a color, especially if one has pinstripes and one does not. You could mix and match those pinstripe patterns with a shirt in a matching or complementary.

Solids: They are the most traditional "pattern”. Suit color for black men can be anything from rust to black, light tan to charcoal gray. These practical, go-to suits are suitable for several occasions from business to dinner.
Pinstripes: These patterns are found on everything from business suits to the more cool zoot suits. The most common color shades for mens suits that feature pinstripe pattern are black, charcoal and brown.

Dress suits that look great on black men come in all styles. Some popular ones include:

  • 2-piece suit.
  • 3-piece suit (basically a 2-piece suit with a matching vest).
  • Zoot suit (Generally, this suit has a longer jacket and is available in a wider range of colors, plus a matching hat).

Accessories:Suits for Black Men
Dark skin tones can have it all. Your shirt and tie can be very dark or very light; as no color will look too intense for your skin tone. Black men can even try out colors that other guys have a hard time wearing. If you have a very dark skin tone, you might wish to stay away from shirt in very light pastel colors as it would be severe contrast. But that's just the limitation and definitely not a rule!

Where to Shop:
It is always better to try out once before you buy because different cuts fits on different body shape. On the other hand, if you have found a suit you like in a store and you wish to shop around for the best deal, online shopping is the way to go. There are many online stores offering a wide selection of dress suits for black men


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