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John Wick Suit

Keanu Reeves would look good in any costume but he as John Wick is a stellar look for the actor. In the fast paced film the man invents new ways to kill with books and pencils. The hardest to kill and best hitman of Hollywood goes around in A class costumes designed by an Italian costume designer. There is no doubt that many fans would love to imitate the hitman style. Though many of us do not have a personal designer from Italy or the stellar budget needed, we can easily copy his style with making few compensations.

John Wicks look is sewn into the plot. With the story the characters fashion sense progresses. He graduates from pyjamas to finely tailored suits and then mostly sticks with all black suits. The designer keeps the characters style simple and uncomplicated. In one scene you can see John Wick ordering a suit from Rome. While the john wick suit that comes is not authentically Italian but some parts of them are.

The man mostly goes with single breasted jacket adorned with notch lapels and two button front. He knows what he wants and also incorporates it with what he does. Being a hitman he knows the physical flexibility the john wick suit has to offer and has it designed as such. The double vents in the rear and the higher armholes of the jacket are proofs of that. He wears the john wick suit mostly unbuttoned for the same reason.

The pants of the man also continue with the concept of simplicity. The pants are a good fit with flat front style over pleated and has no cuffs. The legs are tapered but to a point that they are not very slim and also goes with very little break. This is done so that the man has freedom of movement in the leg portion.

John Wick sports several go to dress shirt styles. Mostly you would note that he wears a very well fitted dress shirt in white, dark gray or black. And also if you note keenly you would see that he mostly goes forfrench cuff and cufflinks. In other special occasions he is seen to layer a matching black vest or you can see him replacing the dress shirt with a black turtleneck ( What is it with the man and black?)

In the follow up sequel the characters costume recieved more attention than it already did in the first film. The black john wick suit that he wears though looking the same actually varies in the film. Some may be due to the lighting but in some places the fabric of the john wick suit seems to change in shades. Some places it seems to look like regular black and sometimes shade of dark charcoal. As for the weave it mostly is a plain weave like twill. Some other notable details in his john wick suit are the flap pockets, slim lapels and full pickstitching. In the three piece john wick suit that he wears he features wearing a vest with lapels and has about 4 to 6 buttons.